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Commercial Services

Why Flavin Realty for Commercial Realty?

Flavin Realty has helped Southwest Louisiana over the past 40 years through representing their clients in commercial real estate transactions and being politically involved in the community. At Flavin Realty, we are the experts in commercial property management and real estate sales. We also pride ourselves in subdivision development and consulting, being consultants to industry on expansion, land purchases, buyout opportunities and work for housing. When it comes to commercial properties, we are the obvious answer for all of your leasing and sales needs.

What does Flavin Realty offer?

At Flavin Realty, we offer over 40 years of experience in all forms of commercial real estate, as well as residential sales and property management. We pride ourselves on the contacts that we have made at the local, regional, state and even national levels. But, most importantly, we are professionals who care about our clients needs and we know how to finish a deal! Just ask any of our thousands of clients!

Our Numbers Tell the Story!

and rising!

Flavin Realty proves that we are the local expert with our production numbers over $330,000,00 of commercial real estate, vacant land, subdivision development and property leasing production over the past 5 years. We value all of our clients equally and would love to represent you in all of your commercial real estate transactions. Call us at 337-478-8530 or send us a message by completing the form below to get started today!