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Flavin Realty has been serving SWLA since 1976. We have sold more homes and commercial property than any other real estate company in the area. Throughout the years, Flavin Realty has maintained a firm commitment to professional service and industry expertise, a commitment demonstrated in the selection of our associates. We have incorporated only the most experienced and service-minded professionals into our organization. 

We appreciate your trust and have decided to start serving you in more ways! We are pleased to introduce Flavin Lawn & Home Services. We are ready to bring the Flavin touch to taking care of your yard! We offer levelized billing options that provide 32 cuts a year and spread out your payments to make budgeting easy for you and your family! We look forward to serving SWLA in this new way! 

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Weekly & Bi-weekly lawn service

Irrigation Systems


Christmas Lights 

Event or Permanent Lighting