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Do I need a real estate agent?

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Do I need a realtor? 

Buying or selling a home on your own may sound like a walk in the park. But as with any significant undertaking, there's a lot of value in an expert. Why use a realtor? There are a number of things to consider throughout the process that an agent can help with - and they may help you keep more dollars in your pocket. The homebuying or home selling process can be tedious, stressful and overwhelming, which is why you should consider working with a licensed real estate professional. 

Save time. Make (or save) money. 

1.Sell for a higher price. In 2020, homes listed "for sale by owner" sold at a median price of $217,900. Compare that to the median sales price for agent-assisted homes, which came in at $242,300. Licensed agents can access more information to improve your sales price via the MLS (multiple listing service), which is the only data repository that has updated listing and sales information.

2. Buy for a lower price. Did you know your realtor can show you any home, regardless of whose name is on the for sale sign? With a professional negotiator working for you, you'll pay a fair price based on their knowledge of the market and other contributing factors, also available to them in MLS.

Stand out. 

1. Access the latest technology.People who sold during the pandemic in 2020 were more likely to use technology as a selling tool, and the number using virtual tours nearly doubled after March. Licensed agents often have access to the latest, greatest tools to improve your experience. Take advantage! 

2. Look your best. Licensed agents will ensure your home is professionally photographed and staged for maximum appeal.

3. Be seen. A great realtor doesn't just stick a sign in the yard. They'll market your property everywhere.

4. Find a buyer (or property) you didn't know existed. Great realtors are well-connected. In a tight market where homes get multiple offers, a savvy realtor knows what's coming up before it's listed. In a market flooded with available homes, a realtor is like a matchmaker who can lead the ideal buyer to your home.

Protect yourself.

1. Realtors have oversight. Licensed realtors are professionally trained and answer to their state's real estate organizations and the brokerage with which they're affiliated. They have a lot of reasons to perform ethically and at a high level for you. 

2. Let them handle the legalese. Real estate transactions involve the transfer of large assets. Realtors understand the legal terms and how to help you get exactly what you want (the right way). Rather than pick your way through a sale agreement, let your agent write in those mirrors you want the seller to leave behind and negotiate a home warranty policy.

3. Use trusted vendors. Buying and selling a house brings up a lot of other needs. You'll need a home inspection. You may need a roof inspection. You may need a painter, or a landscaper, or a contractor to fix things. Great realtors know those people. They'll provide you with recommendations and ensure your needs are met (and seamlessly).

4. Don't get stuck. Unsatisfactory inspection? Buyer making crazy demands? Natural disaster blow the roof off the home you have under contract? Great realtors have seen it all. And they can walk you through the process to meet your goals. 

At the end of the day, a real estate agent's goal is to put your desires ahead of their own as they help you find the perfect home, buyer or property. And most do a great job - 91% of buyers would use (or recommend) their agent again! If you or someone you know is in need of real estate services, Flavin Realty has a team of highly qualified agents that are happy to help. For more information, call us at 800-231-8530 or click here.